Nothing outperforms or out-innovates a well-led team of smart misfits with something to prove.
Focus each on their strengths. Accommodate their weaknesses. Equip them well.

Then get the hell out of their way!

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Joe Mader

Joe Mader is an American business executive, serial entrepreneur, strategist, and inventor with a dozen patents in automotive, transportation safety, and security. He founded and led multiple successful high-tech firms from startup through post acquisition expansion. Retained as a senior executive within multi-billion-dollar enterprises, Joe developed a reputation for continuing the success of his ventures while revitalizing and fully leveraging portfolios of other acquisitions.

Transacting directly with the world’s wealthiest individual investors, legendary business leaders, and major private equity players, he participated in multiple joint ventures, partnerships, takeovers, and investments. He has built, trained, and led teams across the globe, with major endeavors completed throughout the US, Europe, Asia, and the Mideast.

Joe credits a hands-on, ‘learning-leader’ style for success in all phases of business and in wildly diverse markets. He led organizations that built and sold everything from consumer electronics to heavy equipment to precision weapons.

Off balance sheet, Joe is a husband and father of three, automotive enthusiast, and an avid multi-engine pilot.

Missions Accomplished

Guardity Technologies - President

Invented and produced the first intelligent automatic crash notification (ACN) device for vehicles. In an emergency, AngelGuard uses advanced AI to calculate probable occupant injuries and immediately communicate directly to the local 911 center for an immediate & informed response.

QuadTex - Co-Founder

Developed a revolutionary multimedia over IP test solution that was rapidly adopted by developers and test engineers at most major network equipment manufacturers and carriers worldwide. With offices in the US and China, sold to Spirent Communications plc for an undisclosed amount.

Solera - Head of Connected Lifestyle

Produced a family of miniature but powerful IoT devices used globally for tracking & logistics, remote vehicle control, security, and advanced diagnostics in light and heavy-duty vehicles. These solutions include an array of apps and cloud-based services that are globally deployed by the Volkswagen Group.

Solera - Head of Connected Lifestyle

With a fast-approaching federal electronic driver log mandate, Solera’s CEO tasked Joe and his team to deliver a critical solution for commercial fleet customers. Beyond ELD, the resulting app provided solutions for parking, fuel, maintenance, HAZMAT & DOT compliance, and streamlined routing and dispatch.

AUTEC - President

Freed the AUTEC team from past constraints to design the best automated car wash system possible. Combined 30 years of AUTEC experience with strong collaboration from the best operators in the industry to design, build, and launch the most beautiful and effective car wash machine ever built.

AUTEC - President

When a premier firearms manufacturer couldn’t meet exploding demand, Joe leveraged AUTEC’s skilled craftsmen and industrious team to diversify and grow the business. In just a few months, converted underutilized factory space into a world-class manufacturing center for precision carbon fiber rifle barrels.


Private Equity / M&A

Successfully raised millions of dollars of pre-seed, and seed funds. Led turnarounds and growth at Angel & PE-backed ventures. Sold multiple business to public and PE-backed corporations. Led buy-side diligence on multiple deals.

Intellectual Property

Earned 12 issued patents. Deep understanding of global patent and trademark process, but also a pragmatic approach to protecting and circumventing IP. Know-how to navigate IP landmines and quickly discern ‘real’ vs. ‘marketing’ IP.


Led manufacturing teams building everything from cellular devices and electronics to heavy equipment and carbon fiber rifle barrels. Expertise manufacturing process ranging from heavy welding to SMT & reflow, to advanced additive manufacturing.

Sales & Marketing

Built and led high-performance international technology Sales organizations. Led highly successful Product Management and Marketing teams at startups and large public firms.

Product Development

Reliably delivered numerous high-risk mission critical products. Hands-on leadership of hardware, software, app, and cloud development. Expertise in global wireless and electronic certifications and manufacturing.


Done it all as the President and CEO of multiple high-growth organizations. Highly versed in finance, accounting, legal, HR, IT, supply chain, and much more. Broad hands-on know-how enables a finely tuned BS meter.



Father of Three

Joe learned much about business from his father, an outstanding businessman who specialized in leading turnarounds. Joe has lived in several states across the U.S., and together with his wife and three teenage children, currently lives in the Dallas / Ft. Worth metroplex.


Fun Challenges

Joe's passion for building and mastering complexities extends well beyond his profession. There isn’t much he can't fix at home or in the garage. He thrives while skillfully operating powerful machines, whether in a race car, a semi-tractor, or a complex aircraft.

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